Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hansik Korean Restaurant

Hansik Korean Restaurant is a newly opened establishment in the plaza where Killarney Market is situated. The family run restaurant replaced Columbus, a Greek restaurant that had previously been in business for many years until recently.

I ordered the the Beef Deopnoodle. On the menu, it is described as "traditionally marinated beef slices and fresh vegetables over boiled noodle. This dish is quite plain in terms of ingredients (merely beef and lettuce as the vegetables with udon) but it still hits the spot. Also, I suggest mixing up the bowl from the bottom and adding a generous amount of sauce/broth to taste before eating.

My boyfriend ordered the Deopbap + Small Sundubu combo found in the "Senior Special Offer" section (apparently it's not just for seniors lol). He opted for the beef deopbap, which ended up being the exact same as my beef deopnoodle but with rice and seafood sundubu. I thought that the combo was a pretty good deal for under $10 and the sundubu was such a cute, small portion!

On a separate visit, I ordered the Bibimbap + Small Sundubu combo. I liked that the rice was served in a separate bowl of its own so I could control how much rice to add to the bibimbap and to set aside for the sundubu. Also, you are given a bottle of hot sauce on the side so you can adjust the spiciness to your liking. Bibimbap is one of my favorite Korean dishes because it's simple yet so satisfying! I love the extra crunch that the bean sprouts and lettuce add to the mix.

Being in such close proximity to where I live, it wasn't long until we made our third visit back here. This time I had the Chicken Deopbap. It is basically the same as the other deopbap dishes we ordered in the previous visits. Simplistic and filling!

We also decided to try the Haemul Pajeon (seafood pancake). This wasn't bad in terms of taste but I'm not too sure if I would order this again because it was a tad on the oilier side.

To end off, I'm super happy that I can finally get my fix of Korean food at such a nearby location without hurting my wallet. I definitely see myself coming here on the regular.

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