Friday, June 22, 2012

Seoul Doogbaegi

This was my second time visiting this Korean restaurant located on Kingsway with my boyfriend.

I ordered the Kimchi Gggigae or as the menu described, "pork kimchi soup with rice". The soup had a very strong, sour flavour due to the kimchi so it definitely goes better with rice. In the soup, there was tofu, half a slice of spam, fatty pork pieces, a good amount of onion and plenty of kimchi. There was also clear noodles in the soup, which I found to be overcooked and too soft.

My boyfriend decided to go with the  Hae Mool Soon Doo Boo or "seafood soft tofu" soup. The soup mostly consisted of broken tofu and egg while there was barely any "seafood" (one mussel and small bits of clam meat). Compared to the kimchi ggigae, this soup was much milder in taste and was sweet and spicy.

We also got the Bool Go Gee or "BBQ beef rib eye marinated in a Korean traditional BBQ sauce" to share. This dish was marinated well, as the beef had a nice sweet and savory taste and it was a decent portion for about $11. However, the texture of the beef was kind of strange as it was in super crumbly clusters, possibly because the meat had been sliced very, very thinly.

Pictured here are the banchan, which were pretty standard.

Generally, each dish had its good and bad points but the most important thing to us was that everything tasted pretty good so it was still a satisfying meal. We were super stuffed by the end of our dinner and it only costed us $30! Also, on a random note, my boyfriend and I noticed that we were the only non-Korean patrons at the restaurant during the course of our meal. That must be a promising sign of a solid Korean restaurant, no?

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