Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Food Truck City Vancouver 2014

Wow, it's been a while but I am finally back with a new post and with more to come!

So it was on the last (freezing cold) day, that I managed to check out Food Truck City Vancouver 2014. This street food festival was back for a third year as a part of Vancouver Dine Out from January 22-26. Out of the 23 vendors, we decided to try the goodies offered from 4 different food trucks.

Let's get the worst of the bunch out of the way first. Here we have the Calamari Kimchi Rice Bowl ($10) from the Roaming Dragon. Its description states "seared calamari/ kimchi fried rice/ quail egg/  korean barbeque sauce/ garnish." What was this bowl actually like? 1) The kimchi did not taste like kimchi. 2) The "calamari" was flavourless. 3) Is that cumin I taste in the "kimchi fried rice"? 4) What korean barbeque sauce? Honestly, this wasn't terribly bad but it also did not taste anything like advertised, so in the end, I didn't enjoy it.

Roaming Dragon Food Truck on Urbanspoon

Next up, Soho Road Naan Kebab. My boyfriend ordered the feature, which was Spicy Veg Sabji with Tandori Chicken ($8?). I had a bite of this and have no words other than YUM.

Soho Road Naan Kebab on Urbanspoon

We also tried the Sweet & Spicy Chicken Karaage ($7.50) from Mogu. The chicken was the perfect balance of a crispy outside while retaining its juiciness on the inside, and the house-made chili sauce made it all the better.

Mogu Japanese Street Eats on Urbanspoon


Finally, we had the Filipino BBQ Pork Panwich ($6) from JJ's Trucketeria. This was the cheapest eat AND the best tasting, in my opinion. These pieces of fatty goodness were tender, packed with flavour and went really well with the vinegar sauce. Give me a side of rice and I could eat this for days.

Jj's Trucketeria on Urbanspoon

All in all, I thought this was a pretty successful food outing as I got a chance to familiarize myself with some of the popular food trucks offered in Vancouver and more importantly, I can't wait to revisit JJ's in the future for more!

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