Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Black Dragon Sushi

Black Dragon Sushi is a relatively new Japanese restaurant that is conveniently located near Metrotown. I remember passing by the restaurant a week prior to my visit here and at the time, it was their large banner displaying all their specialty rolls that had caught my attention. There are 18 different specialty rolls available on the menu and a majority of the rolls are $8.95, with some exceptions.

 Pawn tempura, real crab, cucumber, spicy salmon and tuna, topped with unagi

The Black Dragon roll was the priciest out of all the specialty rolls, at $13.95, most likely due to the variety
 of filling in it. This is a roll to try out at least once but personally, I wouldn't order it again. It's not because the roll wasn't good but because even though the roll is packed with a number of components, I could only really identify the prominent flavors of the unagi, prawn tempura and less so of the cucumber and real crab. As for the spicy salmon and tuna, I did not taste them at all in the roll.

Deep fried oyster, cucumber, topped with spicy tuna

Next up was the Asahi roll. The roll had a mild amount of heat from the spicy tuna that was just enough to overpowered the taste of the deep fried oyster in the roll, making it hard to distinguish its flavor. However, I still enjoyed the roll because of the subtle spiciness and crunchy texture from the fried oyster.

We also ordered Combo A to share, which included two pieces of salmon nigiri, two pieces of tuna nigiri and a spicy tuna roll. This came out quite promptly and there were no complaints.

All in all, we had a pleasant dining experience at Black Dragon Sushi and I wouldn't hesitate to return here to try more items from their extensive list of specialty rolls.

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