Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Capstone Tea & Fondue (Richmond)

I came here with my friends for dessert one day, after a meal at Tropika (review here). I've been to the downtown location a couple years ago and although I liked it, I never went back for fondue again since then. This location of Capstone seems quiet and the decor was clean and simple, making it an ideal place to hangout with friends.

The drink I chose was from the Shaken Fresh Fruit Iced Tea menu. Although there was pieces of fresh fruit in the drink, they did not do much in terms of adding flavour to the drink, in my opinion. I finished my drink rather quickly so I was left wishing that the drinks were refillable.

My boyfriend opted for the matcha drink, which tasted pretty horrible because it was very powdery.

Our fondue came in individual pots of chocolate, which I find more sanitary compared to the "communal" chocolate dipping pots they use to provide at the downtown location.

As for the dipping items, the fruits were standard while the baked goods were nice and dense and went well with the chocolate.

Although I did enjoy my visit to Capstone, it will probably be a while until I return because the fondue is really only average. However, I would recommend Capstone to those who have never tried it at least once.

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