Friday, March 16, 2012

Sushi Oyama

Sushi Oyama is a Japanese restaurant located on Kingsway and is easily identifiable because it is actually a heritage house! Living up to its unique exterior, the inner decor of the restaurant creates a nice and relaxing ambiance for dining.

The Spicy Salmon Sashimi was generously portioned and its sauce was similar in taste to the same dish from Sushi Garden and Sushi Town. Both my boyfriend and I really enjoyed the sashimi and it will probably become a must-order for future visits. A word of warning for those who cannot handle spicy food because this dish only gets spicier as you continue eating.

The Red Roll we ordered is a chopped scallop roll with spicy tuna on top. Although this was good and the ingredients were fresh, it also tastes exactly as described so it isn't anything special.

Lastly, we ordered the Oyama Roll which has salmon with avacado and is topped with black sesame, ikura,  and wasabi tobiko. I normally dislike avacado on its own but I found myself enjoying the creamy texture that it adds to the sushi.

Overall, I enjoyed our meal at Sushi Oyama and I would like to come again to try their other special rolls. Also, I think the spicy salmon sashimi alone warrants a revisit in the future.

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